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Mickey Toones


  • Act: Caricature Artist
  • Duration: 2 hours+
  • Based In: Cheshire


Mickey Toones Caricature artist Cheshire

In the last seven years Mickey Toones has worked his way to become one of the best live artist in the UK. He can also teach other professional caricature artist to draw live. His strengths are that he can draw a face from any given angle. He always gets a good likeness. Unlike a lot of caricaturist he can draw babies. Mickey is one of the fastest artist in the world. Even when drawing at speed, his pen work is still at a very high level of quality.

He has also been offered work in some of the worlds best theme Parks. When he works at big events with other artist he is often the most worked artist at the event.

When you book Mickey Toones. You can be confident that you’re booked one of the best live artist in the UK.

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