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Martin John


  • Act: Magician
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Based In: London


Martin John Magician London

London Magician of the Year 2023 – Double Award Winner! – Prestige Awards Winner 2023 & UK Enterprise Awards Winner

Over the last 12 years Martin John Magician has performed over 2000 shows in the UK, Spain and over 100 of the World’s most prestigious Cruise Ships. A modern Magician with the experience to bring laughter and amazement to any event!

With such extensive performing experience Martin has mastered the art of witty, comedic Close-up Magic! Martin will approach each group or table and perform magic with cards, coins, ropes, sponge balls, even borrowed and everyday objects! Signed cards appear in Martin’s pockets, impossibly into his wallet and even magically change in the spectators hands! Coins fall UPWARDS, sponge rabbits have a mind of their own and borrowed notes change in value!The highlight of the show is Martin’s signature routine, involving a pen, a note…and a LEMON!

If gasps, smiles & laughter sound appealing for your next event, Martin John is the perfect choice. A world class group and table hopping act for all corporate, weddings and private events with added charisma and finesse.

Although interested since a young child, it wasn’t until the age of 18 that Martin began learning the art of ‘Close-up Magic’. At the age of 21, Martin flew to Spain attempting to make a living in Magic, performing his close-up act in bars for tips. After two months of performing seven nights per week, he had been noticed by the management of the largest variety show venue in Spain, the Benidorm Palace. He then became the resident magician for five years performing close-up magic on spotlight, table to table in front of audiences of over 1000 nightly. Recognising his talent, the Benidorm Palace offered him a spot on the stage, which he accepted by developing and performing a double-act dove and parrot magic act, followed by making a 16 metre long Lear Jet Aeroplane magically appear on the stage, now known as the World’s largest stage appearance. Gaining a large amount of experience in visual stage magic, Martin decided it was time to develop two full shows coupling visual magic with comedy, which proved a huge success. At the age of 25 he was approached by various cruise lines, where he has been baffling and bringing laughter to audiences for the last 5 years!

  • 5 Years headlining over 100 of the World’s largest and most prestigious Cruise Ships.
  • 5 Years Resident Magician at The Benidorm Palace, Spain
  • Various Corporate Functions, Banquets & Parties throughout the UK & Spain.


“We normally rotate our acts on a 6-12 month basis. We had Martin for 5 years! Fantastic stage presence and a genuinely nice guy which makes a change! Martin, the door is always open come back soon!” – Benidorm Palace, Spain

“Martin, it has been a tough cruise with many itinerary problems, however after both of your shows, the whole atmosphere on the ship has dramatically changed! You seriously have saved the day, thank you very much for everything!” – Seabourn Luxury Cruises

“Martin drove from Spain to Switzerland to perform at my son’s Bar Mitzvah, he even learnt his show in French which was such a nice surprise as many of our family don’t speak English. Thank you for a great show that my son will never forget!” – Private Client

Comedy Stage Magic:

Since 2002, Martin has performed over two thousand shows worldwide as a Professional London based Magician performing Comedy Stage Magic in the UK, over 50 countries, as a 5 year Resident Close-up Magician in Spain and on over 100 Cruise Ships!
“Awesome show! A perfect mix of visual magic & comedy.
You’ve got my vote!”

Cruise director – Royal Caribbean Cruises
Prepare yourself for a funny, entertaining & visual comedy magic stage show like you have never seen before!
Now based in London, Martin travels to perform at corporate and other events all over the UK & worldwide. Having performed his comedy stage magic act to small audiences of 50, large cruise ship theatres of 1500 & recently to a corporate event of over 4000 people in India, whatever your requirements Martin can work with you every step of the way.

What can you expect to see in the show? After watching the video below you will have a good idea! Martin John Magician will spellbound you with his visual magic productions…parasols appear from thin air, silks turn into canes and a metal table will seamlessly levitate around the room and over the heads of the audience! Witness the outcome of a trick that ‘apparently’ needs no rehearsal, followed by a 4 year in the making routine inspired by his great grandfather! With a unique talent to combine magic with comedy, you are guaranteed a fun packed night of entertainment.

Audience Participation with Martin John Magician !

Audience participation plays a massive part in Martin’s shows. Having members of the audience joining in with routines always adds a huge impact to any show. A spectators mind is attempted to be read…ridiculously! Finding a lady’s selected card doesn’t quite go to plan and an audience member is made into an ‘Instant Magician!’ getting the chance to perform in front of the entire audience…particularly good for the CEO of a company, a celebrity or the organiser of the event

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