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Who would you pick for wedding entertainment?

Who would you pick for Wedding Entertainment?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian want to have Mary J Blige perform at their forthcoming wedding. Apparently both are massive fans of the R&B singer and would be thrilled to have her sing at their nuptials in Paris.

We’d have to agree that having Blige sing would be pretty awesome – there aren’t many bigger female singers and her back catalogue is impressive. And it’s definitely better than Kanye performing at the event … but it got us thinking; who would you choose for your wedding singer?

Given a blank sheet and the ability to conjure anyone up from the underworld, what would your ideal wedding entertainment be? Does a big name act sound appealing, or would you go for someone new and unheralded?

It’s tempting to think about all those new songs you’ve heard on the radio recently and go for something contemporary, But when it comes down to it, there are really only a few artists that transcend all periods and styles and hit that perfect note for a wedding. Here are some of our favourites.

The King

Top of the pile has to be Elvis. Who wouldn’t want the hunk o’ burnin’ love singing on their big day? Whether it’s slow tempo numbers like Love Me Tender or rocking classics like Jailhouse Rock and Return to Sender, there are few better than Elvis. In fact, we’d be quite prepared to say no one could top the king. And if you want to enjoy the music on your wedding day, an Elvis tribute act could be well worth a go.

The Beatles

Given we’re left with only a half of the most influential rock band in history, it would be hard not to jump at the prospect of the Fab Four playing at your wedding. If only John, Paul, Ringo and George could get back together, but alas the nearest thing would be a Beatles Tribute act,  much more realistic for your budget too!

Blue Eyes

Ol’ Blue Eyes – Frank Sinatra – would have to be number three on the list. The greatest entertainer of all time is impossible to trump. From all-time classics like My Way to end-of-the-night showstoppers like New York, New York, you simply can’t beat him. If you like this kind of music, a Ratpack tribute act might be up your street.

Shirely Bassey

Amazingly popular and full of so many great songs you didn’t know were hers, Bassey is a class act. Pitch perfect for wedding entertainment, her songs hit just the right note for your big day. So why not book a Shirely Bassey tribute for your wedding!

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