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A tribute to film: Hollywood theme parties

A tribute to film: Hollywood theme parties

Nothing says glitz and glamour quite like Hollywood. And while all the parties and awards evenings take place 6,000 miles away there is no reason not to have your own red carpet evening back home. We don’t tend to bother with the film parties too much, but after all British movies like Gravity and 12 Years a Slave gaining plaudits, why not make this your first foray into a Hollywood themed event?

Think of it like a Eurovision party but with real stars on show: more botox and less spandex.

How to plan a Hollywood-themed party

First, you need a red carpet. If you don’t have one, you could roll out some fabric or just find a rug. Even a tablecloth would work, though it doesn’t perhaps convey the sense of luxury that you might want. Fortunately, hiring a red carpet is easy.

Second, the drinks. Stock on sparkling wine, while whisky cocktails speak of Mad Men style sophistication. And of course make sure you can prepare some Shirley Temples for the drivers – in honour of the late actress who died earlier this year.

Dress code. Black tie has to be a must. Evening wear always gets people in the party mood and it’s totally the right thing for your Hollywood theme event – think George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven.

Props. It’s not a Hollywood party without props – in addition to your red carpet you’ll need scenery backdrops, ropes and posts to keep the fans at bay and palm trees to get that California vibe. You can also hire film statues to convey that genuine movie awards night feel – James Bond, Charlie Chaplin Marilyn Monroe and others are available.

Food. Hollywood is all about being thin and gorgeous, so steer clear of crisps and pizza and opt instead for crudities and the odd amuse bouche. Think Uma Thurman, not Oprah Winfrey.

Next, you need some entertainment to get everyone warmed up. Hiring a pianist is very in-keeping, but you could always go all out with a Rat Pack tribute act for that true slice of Hollywood magic. A photo booth to hire is also great fun. Make sure all your guests arrive in black tie and gorgeous evening gowns and they’ll be queuing up to get their snaps taken.

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