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Magicians in Lancashire out in force as Dynamo hits Blackpool

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Magicians in Lancashire out in force as Dynamo hits Blackpool

If anyone’s been following the career and TV programmes of Dynamo, they’re sure to appreciate what a talented magician he is, even if there might be one or two camera tricks used.

Whether it’s scaring BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin or walking on water across the Thames, he’s been a smash hit around the world.

From London to Los Angeles, Brazil to South Africa, the young Steven Frayne has been wowing audiences everywhere he goes with his hugely popular series Dynamo: Magician Impossible.

Now though, magicians in Lancashire better look over their shoulder as he’s been spotting out and about in Blackpool.

According to The Gazette, Dynamo hit the town whilst appearing at the Blackpool Magicians Convention, which was held at the Winter Gardens over the weekend and saw magicians from all over the north of England in attendance.

The Yorkshire magician, born in Bradford, is famous for some pretty amazing stunts, including making portly comedian Matt Lucas levitate during a charity event at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

He has also levitated alongside a London bus and dived headfirst from the top of the LA Times headquarters in Los Angeles, stopping just above the ground in a horizontal position.

But the controversial magician has also attracted his fair share of critics after apparently using camera trickery to accomplish some of his feats for television. So all magic tricks are ‘fake’ in some way or another, but clever camera work seems to be taking it a bit far!

Whilst we can’t promise any major stunts on the scale of Dynamo, hiring a magician for a party, wedding or corporate event does mean we can guarantee you are getting the real thing.

Whether it’s card tricks or pulling a rabbit out of the hat, there is no time for shenanigans like fancy camera work or clever editing to produce the illusion – just old fashioned sleight of hand and the confidence to do it in front of real people.

Magicians perform tricks and stunts up close and personal, even walking among your guests, moving from table to table. But if you do have a stage at your venue they’ll probably be more than happy to make use of it. Even the best magicians need a bit of distance between them and their audience for the truly awe-inspiring tricks!

You can hire magicians for corporate events, weddings, charity evenings and many other occasions where you want to keep guests entertained throughout.

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