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You can never experience TV Magic

In an age of Youtube & far to many TV stations it is not surprising that most of us experience entertainment via that box in the corner of the living room or on a computer. The fact of the matter is you are not actually experiencing it at all, you are merely watching it. It isn’t real, it is not around you, within reach or live in your environment, you are actually totally disconnected from it.

This brings me onto my form of entertainment, magic, illusion, conjuring, tricks, call it what you like. The TV medium and Youtube website is certainly a useful tool, I have used both to ‘showcase’ what I do but ultimately the only way to really experience magic is to become part of it. Rather than being a passive viewer the entertainment is quite literally around you, you can see it, hear it, interact with it and in my form of entertainment become an integral part of it.

If we use music as an example, the only way you can assess if a band are actually any good is to hear them play live, we all know that virtually anyone can sound okay with all the computer wizardry that is available in most recording studios but on stage or in a local pub playing live is where the real talent lies. The same applies to magic, sure the guy on TV can do the most incredible magic but remember on television, dinosaurs walk the earth, aliens exist and the Titanic sails the seas. My point is TV magic will always seem more impossible than live magic as it is enhanced, the perfect take or the best camera, the only way to truly appreciate magic and understand just how real it can be is to experience it live in your own hands inches in front of you eyes where there can be no doubt that it is really happening, only then can you say you experienced magic.

Guest post by alternative magician & mind reader Marc Spelmann

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